Sanitary Stainless Steel PP in-lined Round Pipe Holder Bracket

Sanitary Pipe holder is also called pipe clamp, pipe bracket, tube support, tube clamp, etc.


It is applied to the stainless steel pipeline system,which is used for milk,food,juice,beer,phramcy,ect.

Technical Parameters

inner surface of mechanical polishing Ra≤0.4--0.8μm
outer surface of the light Ra≤0.8μm
Connection Clamp (quick), welding (welding) type, thread type (Union type).
Material Stainless steel 202,201,301,310S,
Manufacturing process The use of numerical control machine tool precision manufacturing, precision and internal polishing, to meet the surface precision requirements; feed the use of strict quality inspection system, to ensure product quality.
Shape of Surface Round,Hexagon
Material Availabe Stainless Steel
Product packing Carton or wooden box, anti - shock film packaging

Dimension of Sanitary Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Pipe Grid

Size H(MM) D(MM)
1" 61 25.4
1 1/4" 64 31.8
1 1/2" 67 38.1
2" 74 50.8
2 1/2" 80 63.5
3" 86 76.2
3 1/2" 93 89
4" 100 101.6
4 1/4" 102 108
4 1/2" 105 114
5" 115 133
6" 128 159

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