Sanitary Welding Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Our Butterfly valve body could be offered with weld end, male end, female end and clamp end.

Butterfly valves can be actuated either manually or pneumatically. There is a wide range of manual controls to meet the different system requirements. Pneumatic controls can be horizontal and vertical, single-, double-effect, and modulating. They can be fitted with control tops and proximity It is widely applied to many fileds,such as beer,beverage,dairy food,fruit juice,pharmacy,biological etc.

Technical parameters

Product wetted steel parts AISI304/AISI316L Provided with material inspection report
Other steel parts AISI304
Size 1/2"~6",DN10~DN150
Seal material EPDM/VMQ/FPM All seals material comply with FDA21CFR117.2600
Working pressure ≤10bar(145psi)
Supply pressure for air actuator 5~8(0~116psi)
Working temperature EPDM:-14~248ºF(-10~120ºC)
Other materials are avaible upon request
Sterilization temperature 302ºF(150ºC,max 20min)
Outside surface treatment Ra16~32uin(o.4~0.8um)
Inside surface treatment Ra32~64uin(o.8~1.6um)
Connetion ends butt-weld,clamped ends,male ends, flange ends
Pneumatic head Normally closed(NC)-Air to open,spring to close
Normally open(NO)-Air to close,spring to open
Air to air(AA)-Air to open,air to close


  1. The seat and gasket can be NBR (Nitrile), VMQ (Silicone) or Viton (FPM) all complying with FDA 21CFR177.2600.
  2. End connection can be butt-welded, sanitary clamp, threaded, flanged, I-line or others upon request.
  3. Handle: 3-position pull handle; multi-position handle in either pure stainless steel or with plastic cover.
  4. Actuator: pneumatic stainless steel actuator (vertical type), pneumatic aluminum actuator (horizontal type), electric actuator.
  5. Control: position sensor, C-top controller, C-top controller (AS-I)


TPT pneumatic actuators are factory-lubricated for life to ensure a trouble-free service life and 1,000,000 cycles may be expected. However, this applies under ideal conditions. Under real conditions, the service life depends on several factors.

Contaminated air from air compressors and air supply system is the most common cause for shortened life service (solids, water, and oil). This contamination will gradually degrade and wash out the original grease lubricant. This will shorten the service life, therefore it will be almost impossible to accurately predict the service life.

If the compressed air supply is clean, dry and filtered to 40 micron, the grease will give the seals and components long life without adding oil through an oil mist lubricator.


The oil mist lubrication will extend the life of the actuator, but it will also wash out the original lubrication. Once begun, the oil mist lubrication cannot be discontinued and the lubricator should be regularly checked and maintained. If air lubricators are used, the lubricant selected must be compatible with Nitrile (Buna-N) seals.

Sealed and Unsealed Actuators

Our sealed actuators are maintenance free and our unsealed actuators are available for preventive/corrective maintenance. Life service of a pneumatic actuator is significantly extended only with a grease re-lubrication and replacement the O-ring seals.

How do I choose the right actuator for my application?

It depends on the number of operation cycles. For example, some actuators may perform hundreds of cycles per hour, whereas others open and close just once a day.

Please take a look at the chart below to make a decision.

Cycles rate Cycles per hour Actuator recommended
Low 1 to 5 Sealed
Medium 6 to 19 Sealed / Unsealed
High 20 to 30 Unsealed

Design Features

  1. Available in sizes from DN25 / 1" to DN300 / 12"
  2. Multiposition handles can be used for valves up to DN100 / 4";
  3. Pull handles can be used for valves from DN25 / 1" to DN300 / 12" Manual handle,
  4. pneumatic actuator and electric actuator are interchangeable.
  5. Seals comply with FDA 21CFR 177. 2600.
  6. The valve body can be customized with a wide selection of different connections.

Packing & shipping information of the 1" Normally Open Butterfly Valve with Vertical Spring Return Actuation.

Port: Shanghai Port or Ningbo Port,China
MOQ: 1set
Supply ability: 5,000 sets/month
Payment terms: T/T,Western Union, Paypal, L/C
Packaging:Shrink Wrap-Carton Case-Exporting Plywood Case
Delivery time:Depends on quantity
Shipping mode:By sea,by air,by express

Our Service

1. Samples: Buyer bear the air fee, but this fee will be reduced from order directly
2. Delivery: Never delay delivery time
3. Ensure material pure
4. After Sales: Please contact our After-sales service department in time within 30days after you received the cargo. Tel: 0086-0577-86995593,Working Time: 9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. (Beijing time)
Process Please provide the copy of Sales Contract and describe the problems appeared.
Slight problem Please send the proof to our After-Sales Department, we will reply within two days.
Serious problem a. We will dispatch our Quality and Problems Appraisers to make a confirmation
b. Have a negotiation of the compensation and sign agreements
c. Our After-Sales Department will perform the duties as the agreements
Replacement Free replacement if there is any quality problem
  1. Five years of export experience
  2. Pass SGS Certificate
  3. Experienced R&D Department
  4. Reliability
  5. Reputation
  6. Buyer's Specifications Accepted

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