Intelligent C-TOP control box head for vertical stainless steel actuator

3-piece sanitary ball valve with ISO direct mounting pad is designed for food biological, pharmaceutics or similar industries.

Sanitary intelligent lectrical C-TOP contro head box 


The  C- TOP is a pneumatic control head designed to assure the optimum control of process valves. It is compatible with the majority of PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) automated systems, with Digital communication, or with bus (AS-Interface). It is fitted to the upper part of the pneumatic actuator of the process valve in order to activate and provide remote electrical indication of the operating position of the valve. The indicators can be of two types:

  • microswitches (with mechanical contact)
  • proximity inductive detectors (without contact)

C- TOP can be fitted with any process valve available in the food, drink and biopharmaceutical industries.


The  C TOP is a control head that includes signalling and command devices to control all types of (piston) process valves. This element incorporates the following functions in a single element:

  • pneumatic and electrical control of the valve;
  • position indicators with feedback
  •  possibility of communication by (AS-Interface) bus.

It is fitted to the valve's pneumatic drive. It receives signals from a control panel or from a PLC to control the valve, and sends signals to the PLC or control panel in order to indicate its status/position. Moreover, the  C- TOP, has 3 signalling LED's providing information as to the status of the valve at all times:

  • green led: indicates that the valve is in the ON position
  • red led: indicates that the valve is in the OFF position
  •  yellow led: indicates that position 3 has been activated (for example: mix-proof valve).