Sanitary SS Angle Seat Valve With NPT Thread Ends

Angle seat valves are widely used in the condition of frequent start-up in short time. It is responsive and acting accurately.


Angle seat valve and ball valve have similar structure and characteristics. The difference with the ball valve is that the exit of the angle valve is at right angles to the inlet. The angle seat valve maintains the flow rate to save space. It uses a single acting pneumatic actuator with spring safety protection to operate the guide angle seat valve. When used, should choose normally open or normally closed. Angle seat valve is widely used in short time frequent start and has a responsive, accurate action characteristics. 


Large flux, low resistance, no water-hammer

Y type shape enlarged the flowing section, which could raise the flux by 30% and make flow more smooth.

Super long working life

Which help the stem adjust and lubricate itself automatically

The cylinder material is stainless steel

Lubricating automatically 360° roling freely.

Technical parameters

Fluid pressure: 0-1.6Mpa

Control pressure: 0.3-0.8Mpa

Body material: SS304, SS316L

Size: DN10-DN100

Sealing material: PTFE

Actuator Material: SS304, Polyamide PA, Aluminum

Fluid Temperature: -20℃ ~180℃, 25℃~220℃

Ambient temperature: -20℃~80℃

Fluid viscosity: ≤600mm /s

Control type: normally close, normally open, double acting, Manual type

Connection: Screw ends, welding ends, TC, flange

Application: Water, alcohol, oil, fuel, steam, neutral gas or liquid, organic solvent, acid and lye

Optional accessories: Proximity switch solenoid valve manual travel limit.